About Ciara

Ciara MulveyAs a chartered physiotherapist with almost 10 years of experience, my philosophy is person-centred: my practice is driven by an interest and care for the holistic person, not just the injury or pain you present with.

My physiotherapy treatments are a blend of Eastern and Western techniques. This has evolved through my years in practice and I have found it to be an effective and supportive way of unlocking people’s experiences of pain. Using an Eastern approach also complements the traditional tendency in Western medicine of treating a person’s symptoms locally by adding a focus on the whole person.

When a client comes to see me, we start with an initial thorough evaluation and diagnosis. I carry out a full body evaluation to evaluate muscle, joints, bone, fascia and swelling. Increasingly, nutrition, the environment and emotion also play a significant factor in identifying and resolving the issues around a person’s pain. This integrated Mind, Body and Spirit approach underpins my entire therapeutic approch.

As well as routine physiotherapy treatments, I also use Craniosacral and Myofascial therapies, acupuncture, Reiki, and reflexology. Once we have identified your pain stressor, I will develop a personalised treatment programme to help you on your path towards optimal health.

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  1. Independent
    • Advanced Respiratory Course – The Mercy Hospital, Cork
    • Biomechanical Assessment and Prescription Writing -PPL Biomechanics
    • Diagnosis of Mechanical Dysfunction & Stability Retraining of the Shoulder Girdle -Kinetic Control
    • Diagnosis of Mechanical Neck Pain & Functional Stability Retraining – Kinetic Control
    • Fascial Release Level I (Myofascial Release Therapy) – Kerry D’Ambrogio
    • Fascial Release Level II (Craniosacral Therapy) – Kerry D’Ambrogio
    • Introduction to Sports Injury Management – CPESM
    • Kinesiology Taping for Sports Performance -Vivomed UK
    • Lumbar Spine – CPMT Postgraduate Series
    • Mulligans NAGS and SNAGS – Mulligan Concept
    • Muscle Energy Techniques of the Upper Quadrant -Kerry D’Ambrogio
    • Myofascial Trigger Point Course – Travell and Simons Approach
    • Neurostructural Integration Technique – Michael J. Nixon-Livy
    • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome – McConnell
    • Reflexology – Clarence College of Beauty
    • Reiki level 1, 2, 3 – Geraldine Nicholson
    • Seichem – Geraldine Nicholson
    • Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention On Field Care for Sports – CPESM
    • Sports Taping Course – CPESM
    • The Everyday Shoulder – Craig Allingham
    • The Lumbar Spine & Sacroiliac Joint – Clinical Practice Series
    • The Shoulder Complex – Clinical Practice Series
    • Whiplash, Headache and Neck Pain – Gwendolen Jull